pens and pumps

We are a group of young adults 18-35+ years old living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who have joined together in a community to share our stories, experiences, and lives.


Attention T1Ds age 6-25.  You may be eligible to participate in a pilot study for a new diabetes app.  The app is called DOCTO and it works by collecting Dexcom CGM data and Fitbit data to predict what your blood sugar levels will be 1 hour in advance.  We want to recruit 10 people who are willing to test out the app and provide feedback.

Eligibility criteria:
– 6-25 years old living with T1D
– Otherwise healthy (mild chronic disease such as asthma, hypertension, and depression are okay if well controlled)
– minimum 1 year experience using a CGM
– minimum 3 months experience  using an insulin pump (only if using an insulin pump)

What you need to participate:
– An iPhone 5 or newer with a data plan
– Dexcom sensors (enough for 60 days of continuous use – approximately 4-5 sensors)

What you will be given:
– A Fitbit watch
– A Dexcom G5 transmitter
– The DOCTO app downloaded on your iPhone

What you need to do to participate:
– Phone 604-875-2345 x4801 or email ben.mammon@cw.bc.ca to set up a visit at BC Children’s Hospital
– At the visit you will be given the study equipment listed above and asked to sign a consent form
– You will need to wear the Fitbit and Dexcom for 24 hours a day for 60 days
– There will be a 10 minute phone call at Day 2,7,14,30,56 to review how things are going
– On Day 61, you need to return the study equipment at BC Children’s Hospital


Diabetes Canada (Formerly Known as CDA) has updated their website www.pumpsforBC.ca! Take a second to use this online platform- send a letter to the MLA candidate in your riding. Re-send a letter if you have already done so too- the more pressure to expand the BC Insulin Pump program the better. We want to get in touch with all parties at this crucial election time! Don’t forget to VOTE MAY 9TH!




Join us for a weekend of meeting new friends and other T1D’s! It is a great team building event and breaks down the barriers we may set up for ourselves in regards to our diabetes. We can guarantee you will walk out of this event more optimistic and have a great outlook on what you can conquer with T1D.
Last year was a huge success and we plan to build on that in a number of ways, including bringing out more members (you don’t have to have diabetes!) Every year we have many friends and family members join in on the fun- the more the merrier.
We will be featuring a team in the full length Tough Mudder course and a team in the Tough Mudder HALF! That’s right, a shorter, just as muddy 8km course working together to cross the finish line.
We emphasize huge team comradery in these events and we will do whatever it takes to start and finish these events as a team. We will carry you across the line if we need to!
Both events are held on June 17th 2017 in Whistler B.C.
SIGN UP HERE and we can send you more information about the event!
Any questions can be e-mailed to tylerallanpearce@gmail.com

Check out Young and T1 at Tough Mudder 2016!!!!


Find out more information HERE!

Get to know us by
checking out photos as well as our fantastic speakers from our May 4th 2014 event Type 1 Diabetes: Unspoken Truths!

Thank you Judy Darcy for paying tribute to Young and T1 in a statement to the BC Legislature on World Health Day! – April 7 2016


Important Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals by any means, so please contact a health care professional for any such concerns!

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster

    I imagine Judy Darcy is thrilled that the younger people are speaking out on a healthcare issue. T1Ds should be marching in the streets over this issue and other issues such as the despicable treatment of people on welfare who don’t even get enough money for food or shelter. We can prevent poor health with preventative measures such as forcing employers to pay adequate wages to cover the cost of food, energy, housing and information services and bringing in a meaningful pharmacare programme that covers everyone’s costs when they develop a living threatening illness such as t1d.

  2. Ron McMullen

    This is a spectacular website you Young and T1’s and your supporters have developed. Your determination to advocate for pump support from the Ministry of Health beyond the age of 25 in BC is a vital healthy step in the right direction for T1’s and should be readily supported by all MLA’s as it will reduce overall provincial healthcare expenditures for years to come. As well, you most certainly display a dynamic activity based image for all of T1’s.

    Truly impressed;
    “55+ years as a T1 and a Pumper for over 15 years”


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