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We are a group of young adults 18-35+ years old living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who have joined together in a community to share our stories, experiences, and lives.

Get to know us by
checking out photos as well as our fantastic speakers from our May 4th 2014 event, Type 1 Diabetes: Unspoken Truths!

Thank you Judy Darcy for paying tribute to Young and T1 in a statement to the BC Legislature! – April 7 2016


Advocating For BC Government to Expand Insulin Pump Coverage to All Ages

Hello everyone! Our campaign for the BC government to fund medically necessary insulin pumps for T1Ds of all ages is well under way. On April 21st 2016, four YT1 members & Opposition Health Critic, Judy Darcy met with reporters to share our personal stories, why we think pump coverage shouldn’t suddenly stop at 25 years of age, and how Young and T1 is launching this campaign to take action. Look for our press conference in the news! 

Since then, over 50 YT1 members have joined our campaign and showed their support by emailing local MLAs about this issue and sharing their pump stories in video interviews. We are closer than ever to convincing our government to drop the age restriction on insulin pump coverage and provide fair medical coverage for all British Columbians living with T1D.

If you would like to get involved in this initiative and have your voice heard, please email youngandtype1@gmail.com and sign our online petition. Thank you for all your support and make sure you join the Young and T1 Facebook group to stay up to date on our campaign. #fairhealthcarebc


Community Work!

Check out our work with the  JDRF Youth Ambassador Training Program!

 Upcoming Events!

YT1 Summer DRINKS NIGHT!!!! 🍻  (19+)

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.00.44 AM.png

Thursday August 11 2016. 5:30pm till late at the Cambie (downtown Vancouver).
Hope to see you there!!!

Recents Events

Check out Young and T1 at Tough Mudder 2016!!!!





Important Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals by any means, so please contact a health care professional for any such concerns!

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster

    I imagine Judy Darcy is thrilled that the younger people are speaking out on a healthcare issue. T1Ds should be marching in the streets over this issue and other issues such as the despicable treatment of people on welfare who don’t even get enough money for food or shelter. We can prevent poor health with preventative measures such as forcing employers to pay adequate wages to cover the cost of food, energy, housing and information services and bringing in a meaningful pharmacare programme that covers everyone’s costs when they develop a living threatening illness such as t1d.

  2. Ron McMullen

    This is a spectacular website you Young and T1’s and your supporters have developed. Your determination to advocate for pump support from the Ministry of Health beyond the age of 25 in BC is a vital healthy step in the right direction for T1’s and should be readily supported by all MLA’s as it will reduce overall provincial healthcare expenditures for years to come. As well, you most certainly display a dynamic activity based image for all of T1’s.

    Truly impressed;
    “55+ years as a T1 and a Pumper for over 15 years”


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