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We are a group of young adults 18+ years old living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who have joined together in a community to share our stories, experiences, and lives.

Upcoming events:

May 26th YT1 Summer Kickoff BBQ!

Hey everyone! Save the date for our YT1 BBQ Summer Kickoff on May 26th in Port Moody, hopefully an accessible area to everyone!

Day starts 1pm, Rocky Point Park (Skytrain friendly- just get off at Moody Centre Station). If it rains, backup plan is to head over to the covered Old Mill Site Park a few min away (transport will be provided by friendly volunteer chauffeurs ;)). We’ll update you, and with our cell phone numbers, if so. Stay connected on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/477476429013485/

We’ll have grills, hot dogs (veggie and regular), and some snacks, bring your meats, your veggies and BBQ Treats! We will also have growlers and lawn games…bring yours too if you like!!!

Then, lets head over to the Port Moody Brewery District! Twin Sails, Moody Ales, Parkside Brewery and YelloDog are all a stones throw away. Feel free to join us during any part of the day or night 🙂

Any one doing the YT1 Tough Mudder team? Bring your questions! Want to join the YT1 Tough Mudder team? : https://www.facebook.com/events/836875516520305/ 





It is urgent we act now on how the Canada Revenue Agency’s change in “interpretation” of the law with regards to the Disability Tax Credit is affecting insulin dependent diabetics and denying us the right to claim the DTC in Canada.

As they now are “interpreting the laws” differently (law has not changed), the CRA no longer believe an adult who independently manages his/her diabetes would be meeting the 14 hour per week criterion defined in the income tax act. For the past 10 years, this has not been an issue, however as of this year the CRA has taken a firm stance on this.

Please be informed and read the article posted by Diabetes Canada by visiting http://www.diabetes.ca/newsroom/search-news/unfair-treatment-from-canada-revenue-agency.

We are strongly encouraging all those living with type 1 diabetes (and their loved ones) to contact your local MP regarding this (Diabetes Canada has provided a template at the link above for you to do so).

Thank you Judy Darcy for paying tribute to Young and T1 in a statement to the BC Legislature on World Health Day! – April 7 2016



Important Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals by any means, so please contact a health care professional for any such concerns!


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster

    I imagine Judy Darcy is thrilled that the younger people are speaking out on a healthcare issue. T1Ds should be marching in the streets over this issue and other issues such as the despicable treatment of people on welfare who don’t even get enough money for food or shelter. We can prevent poor health with preventative measures such as forcing employers to pay adequate wages to cover the cost of food, energy, housing and information services and bringing in a meaningful pharmacare programme that covers everyone’s costs when they develop a living threatening illness such as t1d.

  2. Ron McMullen

    This is a spectacular website you Young and T1’s and your supporters have developed. Your determination to advocate for pump support from the Ministry of Health beyond the age of 25 in BC is a vital healthy step in the right direction for T1’s and should be readily supported by all MLA’s as it will reduce overall provincial healthcare expenditures for years to come. As well, you most certainly display a dynamic activity based image for all of T1’s.

    Truly impressed;
    “55+ years as a T1 and a Pumper for over 15 years”


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