June 2018 – Young and T1 succeeds in advocating for Insulin Pump expansion to all ages in BC!!


Press Conference

We are so thankful to Health Minister Adrian Dix for the recent announcement of universal insulin pump expansion across BC. This is something we have been working towards for years now with amazing partners such as Diabetes Canada and Minister Judy Darcy. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts and the many Young and T1 members who wrote to their MLAs to voice their opinion! We are so thankful.

Read more here: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2018HLTH0060-001168

April 2016 – Advocating For BC Government to Expand Insulin Pump Coverage to All Ages

Hello everyone! Our campaign for the BC government to fund medically necessary insulin pumps for T1Ds of all ages is well under way. On April 21st 2016, four YT1 members & Opposition Health Critic, Judy Darcy met with reporters to share our personal stories, why we think pump coverage shouldn’t suddenly stop at 25 years of age, and how Young and T1 is launching this campaign to take action. Look for our press conference in the news! 

Since then, over 50 YT1 members have joined our campaign and showed their support by emailing local MLAs about this issue and sharing their pump stories in video interviews. We are closer than ever to convincing our government to drop the age restriction on insulin pump coverage and provide fair medical coverage for all British Columbians living with T1D.

If you would like to get involved in this initiative and have your voice heard, please email youngandtype1@gmail.com! Thank you for all your support and make sure you join the Young and T1 Facebook group to stay up to date on our campaign. Diabetes Canada (The Artist Formerly Known as CDA) has updated their website www.pumpsforBC.ca. Take a second to use this online platform – send a letter to the MLA candidate in your riding. Re-send a letter if you have already done so too – the more pressure to expand the BC Insulin Pump program the better. We want to get in touch with all parties at this crucial election time! #fairhealthcarebc



YT1 members speak up about universal pump coverage in BC:

“Diabetes is about control, or at least trying to get as much of it as you can.”


“Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t end when you turn 25.”

Ramya tells us why it is Young and Type 1’s mission to ensure that universal pump coverage in BC is achieved.


Ben has lived with type 1 diabetes since childhood. Now he is close to turning 25 years old. at which point he will no longer qualify for new insulin pump coverage.


“Because It’s the decent thing to do.”

Sean, living with type 1 diabetes, describes why universal insulin pump coverage in BC is so important to him.


Thank you Evan Luchkow for filming, editing and producing these videos for Young and Type 1.

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