Tough Mudder

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Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is an 18 km military-style obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. The course is designed to drag participants out of their comfort zones and test their physical strength, stamina, teamwork, and mental grit. 

June 17th 2018 in Whistler B.C!!

Join us for a weekend of meeting new friends and other T1D’s! Tough Mudder is a great team building event that breaks down the barriers we may set up for ourselves in regards to our diabetes. We can guarantee you will walk out of this event more optimistic and have a great outlook on what you can conquer with T1D.

We do not discriminate in age, size or physical ability, don’t think there is any reason you cannot do this if you wish to! The only thing we can guarantee is that you will have a massive Type 1 achievement and barrier you have broken through if you have the slightest urge to do so and no matter what, we will get you though the course with teamwork and hard work, crossing the finish line together! No matter how many juice boxes, bg tests or piggy backs it takes! Please be aware, this is a team building event, not a race! One where you help your teammates through the course physically and emotionally.

This is one of the best events we do and try to make it a whole weekend event with a celebration in the village the Saturday night with the rest of the fellow “mudders.” Carpooling and everything else is available. We are now merely looking for numbers and the amount of interest in the event so please don’t hesitate to contact us if it interests you!

Here is the link to purchase tickets. The earlier the cheaper, Do not hesitate if the event is too much for you to let us know. We will do everything we can to make it work for you! Contact Tyler at if you are either interested or just want to know more about the event and your options.


On June 18th 2016 fourteen brave souls made the trip out to Whistler, B.C so they could tackle mud, rain, and bitter cold to represent Young and T1 & The Canadian Diabetes Association’s Team Diabetes at Tough Mudder 2016! This group broke down the barriers of Type 1 Diabetes and showcased formidable teamwork despite all the obstacles.

Photos and Captions by Shawn Schaubel

13501936_10157045451050564_6385410317758650603_nNice and clean, full of energy, and not yet attentive to the pending misery awaiting…LOL The only thing we know about each other is our first name and that we’re T1s, the rest we’ll discover along the journey…

13502141_10157045451980564_1119740861336332993_nLining up at the Start gate, waiting to be motivated and released into the wild…

13466343_10157045456015564_8538350583694587010_nIt’s just a wall, but it’s tall enough to need help…

The Hero Carry… just far enough to engorge the quads for the rest of the course….

A fairly big muddy divot to traverse to reach the other side, which is just as muddy…

One muddy path and obstacle completed, on to the next 20 obstacles…
Unseen in the photo is the 53′ long trailer loaded with ice that they keep adding to the water to keep it below zero, hence the name of the obstacle…lol13512190_10157045484730564_4062344573515685638_n
Another chance to document progress, both on the course and the level of mud climbing up their legs…lol
It took a few tries, but we quickly figured out what would work for us; and other teams quickly copied us…
A perfect example of a team-building obstacle, since you needed to ask for help from another team before starting and offer help to another team before leaving…
Nothing like crawling through a skinny pipe in the dark to have it open up into a canal with a fence over the top… very creative obstacle playing on a number of fears!
In previous years, we simply had to climb to the top of a cliff and survive a very tall jump; but this year, they made it far more interesting and challenging… absolutely love this one!
Tyler successfully ringing the bell, and then suddenly realizing he needs to avoid a belly flop landing…lol
The classic barbwire crawl… never gets old
An almost boring concept, until you try it and then add 100 people fighting against your single movements….lol
Yes, that’s a hypothermia blanket being used, it was that cold out… nothing like upper body workouts to exhaust one’s entire system…
Nothing like more bunkers to climb over, then descend down into knee high mud, which means you have to climb over more bunkers…
The last hill to climb before leaving, to do more obstacles… they don’t even mark the trail so you know how far you’ve come…lol
Another opportunity to climb into dark pipes to fall into wall covered by barbwire, just to climb into more pipes in the dark to crawl through…
This time they provided two sets of walls on an angle, so it’s only a little bit harder…
This is the most sadistic wall to ascend… it takes at least 2-3 times to reach someone to help pull you up… it’s all on the runner!
Ah, the road home… paved with mud, lots of mud to slip on…
Our fearless group! United by being a T1, but easily made stronger by the differences we bring to the group, our different strengths, our different ways of seeing problems as opportunities, etc…Thank you to all the YT1 members that participated in this year’s event. A special thank you to Nadine Cornelius and Paul Crosby from the Canadian Diabetes Association, Tyler Pearce, and Shawn Schaubel for making this event possible. See you next time!!


On June 20th 2015, Young and T1 joined forces with Team Diabadass to tackle a series of hardcore obstacle events.  Together, this team proved that anything is possible when you live with T1D and that this disease will never slow us down!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. We’re so proud of our Tough T1Ds!!

Special thanks to Dan Carr for all the fabulous pictures, Sandy Struss for the gorgeous shirts, and Shawn Schaubel for playing such a huge role in organizing the team!


Tough Mudder 2015 - Whistler

We’re all about lending a helping hand!

Tough Mudder 2015 - Whistler 11536104_10153502230883755_9080081354038429125_n 10403154_10155656576845109_529886825604698268_n



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