Frequently Asked Questions

*Please note that we are not medical professionals by any means. Please contact a health care professional for any further concerns.


Does YT1 recommend diabetic supplies?

– No, though individual members might. There is great variance in what the members use when it comes to insulin, pumps, glucometers, etc. Attending our events and speaking with other diabetics is a great way to compare products as well as get unbiased reviews.

How do I find out about what events are taking place?

– By signing up for our email list, and “liking” us on Facebook and requesting to join the YT1 Facebook Group, you will be informed of and invited to our events.

I need advice on a particular issue

– It is important to note that we are not healthcare professionals. That having been said, posting in our Facebook group will typically see responses from multiple members. Talking about the issues we face as diabetics is strongly encouraged, and we do not shame anyone.

What is a type 3?

– ‘Type 3′ is a term we use for any of our loved ones that live, love, and ‘put up,’ with a person (or people) living with type 1 diabetes. A few examples are friends, family, and significant others.

Can I bring non-diabetics (T3’s) to events?

– Yep. Expect to see a few at any given event.

I have questions about financial stuff (e.g. RDSP, Disability Tax Credit, Education Grants, etc.)

– We are not financial professionals but many of us have experience here. Come discuss it with us, or email youngandtype1@gmail.com. You can find a bit more information here.

Are you accepting Volunteers?

– Absolutely. Please let us know what you are interested in doing here!

Does anyone use the Dexcom CGM?

– A few members. The consensus is that it is surprisingly accurate, though a little less so the longer it is on. Some members have gone against the directions in the manual, such as putting the sensors on their thighs instead of their stomach. This may affect the CGM’s accuracy. Apparently the beeping gets frustrating if you are high or low until it registers that your levels are back to normal range, so it’s likely that the default settings will need some changing. Service from Animas/Dexcom seems to be excellent. They are expensive, so check your coverage first if you are interested in one.

Has anyone had experience with the FRIO insulin cooling case?

– Most members like it. The odd member has experienced water leaking in the heat, and the cleanup after that is a pain in the ass. Travelling diabetics feel it is great for keeping insulin from going bad, though it will still age regularly inside. The pouch is convenient and reliable, and there were no problems at the airport for anyone.

Do the pump-users take it off when playing sports?

– Some take it off, but not surprisingly they find it is harder to control their sugars. Others keep the pump on, especially when there is not a lot of contact, and do some trial and error to find the right basal rate.

Does anyone use the Omnipod Pump?

– Not that we know of, but you can request a “demo” pod from the manufacturer to allow you to get a feel for its size and weight.

Any advice on scholarships for diabetics?

– This is a good one to post in our Facebook group, as you may get a response from a student attending the same school as you. The Diabetes Hope Foundation is one place for scholarships. Going to your school’s financial aid or student disability centre is the best resource though.

Where can I get my A1C tested?

– Bring your standing order or paperwork from your endocrinologist to your local LifeLabs! They are now taking appointments. You can simply make an appointment online here!

How does security checks when traveling and diabetes work?

– You do not need a doctor’s note to bring needles, syringes, or any of your supplies that you have in your carry-on, nor do you have to remove your insulin pump when walking through the security check.

Does glucagon still work if I am drinking alcohol?

– NO it does not. Drink safely fellow diabetics!

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