Vancouver Looping Meet Up and Build Party


Attention YT1 members interested in building your own artificial pancreas! 

This is a Vancouver-area build party for people who want to build a Loop system to help manage their diabetes. Existing Loopers are welcome to drop in and contribute their expertise and/or update their rigs.


Please register with Eventbrite to get a ticket as space is very limited 

Please note that this is NOT an information session. All information regarding looping is available online (see below for relevant links). Instead, you will need to come prepared to build your system and that means sourcing the correct parts and bringing them with you to the event. We have created this event well in advance so that you have enough time to find everything you need. Please read the information below carefully, it will explain what you need. And of course, if you have any questions or need help please feel free to reach out to the event organizers: Ben (b.mammon[at] & Nadine (nadine.pedersen[at]


We will be meeting at BC Diabetes (210 W Broadway | Suite #400 | Vancouver, BC) on Saturday October 19th, 2019.

10:00am NightScout website build (for people who have yet to build a NightScout website or need help troubleshooting their NightScout/Heroku set ups).

11:00am Loop builds (for people who are ready to build their closed-loop system).

* Food & beverages to share with the group are most welcome but not mandatory 

* Feel free to show up anytime throughout the day although you may not be able to get help if you show up too late. 


There are three kinds of DIY artificial pancreas systems currently in use:

Loop— (for Omnipod Eros or older Medtronic pumps)

For people who are not all that technically inclined this is the easiest system to build and use and also the most popular. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and you adjust your settings using an app on your iPhone. The link above will lead you to a wonderful website full of all the info you need to know. Loop requires a Mac computer to build the app and an iPhone to operate it. If you don’t have a Mac, you may use one of the Macs at the event to build your app. If you don’t have an iPhone then you can’t use Loop (it only works with iPhones). Please watch this video for an introduction to Loop –

OpenAPS— (for older Medtronic pumps only)

OpenAPS can be built on a PC or Mac and you can use it with Android or iPhone. The instructions in the link above are comprehensive but much more involved than Loop. This Vancouver meet up will focus on setting up Loop systems, however some of us do have experience with OpenAPS and may be able to help if you decide to go this route.

AndroidAPS — (for AccuChek Combo or DanaR pumps)

Unlike Loop and OpenAPS, which require an external microcomputer to operate, with this system you only need a compatible Android phone and pump. AndroidAPS has its own Facebook group here: AndroidAPS can run on a Roche Accu-Check Combo pump which (apparently) is still available from the manufacturer under warranty in Canada. (NOTE: As none of us are using this system, we know less about it).


If you want to build your own artificial pancreas system, you’ll need to source the following parts:

1) Compatible Insulin Pump

Only older Medtronic pumps and the Omnipod are compatible with Loop. Please see this link to determine if your older Medtronic pump is compatible

There is information in that link to help you find a compatible Medtronic pump if you are looking for one. However, remember that these pumps are very old so using the Omnipod might be a better solution for some people.

2) CGM

There are two options, Dexcom or Libre (both are compatible with Loop). FB groups for each are linked below where you can find more info from people who use each of the systems.

Dexcom –
Freestyle Libre –

Note: If you plan to use the Freestyle Libre, you will need to get a transmitter such as the MiaoMiao and download a CGM app onto your phone in order to get your data:
xDrip (Android phones) or
Spike (iPhones) &

3) RileyLink

You will need to order a RileyLink here -> Please note that these little computers are built and shipped by volunteers so it is recommended that you order one asap to make sure that it arrives before the Looping event. The 433MHz RileyLink is compatible with Medtronic and Omnipod pumps so it is the best choice if you want flexibility in which pump you can loop with.

4) Mac computer

5) iPhone cable to connect iPhone to Mac

6) Apple Developer subscription


The following links provide some more information on looping:

If you are interested in learning more and/or contributing to these systems, developers hang out and communicate here:





Last year’s Looping meetup on December 2, 2018 🙂

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