What is a Type 3?

Not diabetic? Have a loved one who is? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Want to know why!?

You’re a type 3 diabetic!

Type 3 is NOT another type of diabetes.

‘Type 3′ is a term we use for any of our loved ones that live, love, and ‘put up,’ with a person (or people) living with type 1 diabetes. A few examples are friends, family, and significant others.

If you have some questions or are looking to chat with a fellow Type 3 here are some highly recommended T3s 🙂

Sabrina Chittaranjan

Hi! I’m Sabrina a first year accounting student at BCIT. I enjoy watching comedy shows and volunteering in my spare time. I first became familiar with Type One diabetes when my sister was diagnosed eight years ago. I am excited to be a part of Young and T1 and I am interested in seeing this organization grow in the future 🙂

Katarina Wind


Hello! My name is Katarina and my amazing boyfriend lives with type 1 diabetes. I am in my 4th year of honours biochemistry at UBC, and I am doing my thesis in a diabetes lab. Through Young and T1 I have learned that being able to drink a juice box in 3 seconds, saying very strange things when low, and having amazing strength and optimism in the face of this relentless disease are not characteristics unique to just my boyfriend. Young and T1 is such a supportive community for people with type 1 and their loved ones, so I encourage you to come out to one of our many events and meet everyone! And if you want to help out, we have many different volunteering events to raise money for diabetes research, or just make a difference in the community. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to talk about diabetes research or how to get involved with Young and T1.


Don’t be afraid to introduce us to YOUR type 3s. We’d love to meet them!

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