The High(t)s and Lows of T1D: Rockclimbing!



On Saturday June 11 2016, Young and T1 and the Canadian Diabetes Association hosted an afternoon of climbing, learning, and socializing at Cliffhangers.

What a fantastic day! It was great to see so many people and families come out to tackle a 40 foot wall!

Thank you to our sponsors OmniPod, Animas, Medtronic, and the Canadian Diabetes Association for having representatives on-site to answer all our climbers’ questions about insulin pumps and managing diabetes.

We were very pumped up for this event because it was also part of our campaign for universal pump coverage in BC! We organized for a professional videographer to gather footage of Pump Story interviews from participants in order to showcase to our government why it is so important for Pharmacare to cover insulin pumps beyond age 25. Thank you so much Evan for your fantastic camerawork.




On December 14 2014, YT1 members challenged each other to reach new heights!

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