Connected In Motion

Connected In Motion

Check it out! Our very first collaboration with Connected In Motion.
What is Connected In Motion you might ask?
Connected In Motion brings like-minded individuals with Type 1 diabetes and their support networks together to hike, bike, paddle, camp, or just have a good time. By creating communities that motivate and inspire individuals to take charge of their health today, Connected In Motion hopes to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes now and tomorrow.

Backpacking Treks

Where: British Columbia – Lake O’Hara (Yoho)
When: July 15 7:00am – July 19 4:00pm, 2015
Who: Adults (19+) with Type 1 diabetes

Where: British Columbia – Garibaldi
When: July 23 9:00am – July 26 3:00pm, 2015
Who: Adults (19+) with Type 1 diabetes
Where: British Columbia – Western Slipstream
When: September 25 6:00pm – September 27 2:00pm, 2015
Who: Adults (19+) with Type 1 diabetes


Check out their website for more information!
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Tyler by e-mailing him at
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