News & Links

News & Links

With all the up and coming research, many of us take a huge interest in topics and news regarding diabetes. Here we have collaborated links, news stories, and online posts surrounding diabetes research and interesting facts! If you have something that you think would be of interest to post, shoot us an e-mail at

New Insulin
Have you heard of a new type of long-acting insulin that has recently been released!? It has 3x the strength of regular insulin and lasts longer between injections. It goes by the name of Toujeo!

Human Trials
We have heard of some SUPER exciting news: HUMAN TRIALS! In this video they are basically implanting embryonic stem cells that are hoped to divide and become insulin-producing cells. Check out this dramatic video that may just blow your mind.

Here are a few other exciting news stories regarding diabetes!

How Weather Affects Your Blood Sugar

Bionic Pancreas

Laser Sensor Blood Glucose Monitor

Smart Insulin Patches

Type 1 Diabetes Drug Trial Seeks to End Injections

Drug with the potential to reduce or eliminate the need for insulin injections


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