Email Prior to Looping Event

Hi everyone!

Thanks for signing up for the looping meet up next week. This email contains some important information for what to expect on October 19th. 

Our objective for the day is to help everyone who comes with the parts needed to build a Loop system leave at the end of the day with a working artificial pancreas.

This event is NOT intended to be a question-and-answer session about looping and how it works. Instead, this will be a peer-to-peer meet up with loopers of varying degrees of experience.  You should come prepared to work on your own looping set up. If you have questions about looping, we are more than happy to chat with you outside of this event.


BC Diabetes –
210 West Broadway, Suite #400
Vancouver, BC V5Y3W2

Since it is Saturday, the building’s lobby door and elevators will be locked for security. We will have a sign on the front door with a phone number you can call to be let up. Our phone numbers are also included at the end of this email.

Follow this link for information about parking, public transportation, and accessibility

Dr. Tom Elliott has been kind enough to offer this space for our meet up. BC Diabetes is an active diabetes clinic in the Lower Mainland. Please treat all of their facilities and equipment with respect by keeping food in the kitchen area and cleaning up before you leave. 


10:00am – Nightscout Website Builds

For anyone that needs help setting up their NightScout website 

11:00am – Loop Builds

If you arrive at this time, you should already have a NightScout site up and running and have all the hardware/software ready to go as described below.


Doing these 5 things in advance will help make the day run more smoothly:

1)  Read the Loop docs

2)   Set up your NightScout website in advance: There is a handy step-by-step video here:

3)   Assemble your RileyLink (plug in the battery to the board and put it in the case). There is a handy step-by-step video here:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your battery is fully charged before the meet up session. If you do not have a compatible charging cable, you can order one here. These cables often work with cameras, so you may also be able to pick one up at London Drugs. Bring your Riley Link with you to make sure you are getting the right charging cable!

4)   Make sure you have all the parts (see below) and that your software is updated

5)   Write down and have all your passwords ready (Dexcom, GitHub, Mlab, Heroku, Nightscout API/URL, Apple, Computer, Email, etc) 


1.    Your fully charged RileyLink

2.     Compatible pump (Omnipod or older Medtronic pump with AAA battery)

3.     Your iPhone (running iOS 12.2 or higher)

4.     Your iPhone charger (needed to install Loop on your phone)

5.     A compatible CGM with readings being actively transmitted to your phone

6.     Fully charged Mac computer and charger. (Note: If you don’t have a Mac, you can use one of the others that will be at the event – In the long-run you will want access to a Mac for updating your app.)  

7.    The following software on your Mac:

  1. Updated MacOS (macOS 10.14.3 or higher)
  2. XCode (downloaded from the Mac AppStore) and updated to Xcode 11. Note this is a big download (over 7GB) so best to do it before coming to the event. Download here:
  3. Apple Developer Subscription ($99USD/year)

8. Snack for people to share (Please label carbs and indicate common allergens if homemade).


There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you have any questions or concerns about ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to email or call us:

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