Email To New Loopers

Hi everyone, 

Congrats on joining the Looped community 🙂 Since you’re all set up now I wanted to share some higher level information that might be helpful as you learn about your new Loops.

1. Please make sure you are in the Looped facebook group (and Spike facebook group if using Spike). This is where a lot of updates and troubleshooting information is shared. Also be sure to join our Young & T1 facebook group (for adults with T1D in the lower mainland)

2. LoopTips. This is an incredible website created by Katie DiSimone to help you learn about your new app. Looping is a huge learning curve, almost like going from multiple daily injections to pumping. I can’t recommend this website enough. It covers topics such as how to adjust your settings, how to talk to your Endo about looping, how to loop while exercising, how the algorithm works, etc etc.

3. Autotune. This is the website that will recommend changes to your basal rates, insulin:carb ratio, and ISF based on your Nightscout data. 

4. Spike + Loop. This website will help you understand how to use Loop with Spike as your CGM source.  Calibrating in Spike is different than other CGM apps so it is imperative that you read the calibration page. Please be aware that Spike is not currently supported in the official Loop app for these reasons.

5. Temporary Override Mode. This is a video explaining the temporary override mode in your Loop app

6. NightscoutX. This is an app you can download from the iOS App Store to view your Nightscout site.

7. LoopCases. Custom protective cases for your RileyLinks.

8. Tidepool Loop. Tidepool is working on an FDA-approved version of the Loop app available in the App Store to work with commercially available insulin pumps and CGMs. You can subscribe for updates and follow them on social media.

9. The Omnipod has only been compatible with Loop for about 6 months now. Pete Schwamb wrote about the 3 year journey it took to reverse engineer the Omnipod communication protocol. It’s a super interesting article and it gives you an idea of how complicated and impressive this feat was.

10. Stay in the Loop! Prominent Loopers in the community to follow and some other sources for diabetes tech news: diaTribeNerdabeticBionicWookieDiabettechKatie DiSimoneDana LewisCGM In The Cloud Off-Topic

11. Some of you were interested in my pump clip. You can get it for $7.49 from Amazon here

12. Getting Off The Rollercoaster. This is a document from the No Limits With Type 1 Diabetes Conference last month with more info on fine-tuning settings.

Happy looping everyone!!

Ben & Nadine

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