ON TRAC and Check Your Head

ON TRAC and Check Your Head

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Check Your Head is a Vancouver based organization that provides workshops to educate and activate young people on various social issues. They recently partnered with BC Children’s Hospital to create and facilitate workshops for youth living with Type 1 Diabetes and other chronic illnesses as part of BC Children’s ON TRAC program.  ON TRAC Transition workshops prepare teenagers living with Type 1 Diabetes and other chronic illnesses for their upcoming transition from paediatric to adult healthcare.

In September 2014, Young and T1 partnered with Check Your Head in order to become apart of the ON TRAC program and learn how to facilitate Transition workshops in the future.  After many “Train-The-Trainer” workshops and “Transition Simulation” workshops, YT1 members have become fully equipped to provide youth who are graduating from BC Children’s Hospital and other paediatric care the necessary skills and resources required to navigate through the adult health care system.

If you would like to learn more about the Transition workshops please visit the ON TRAC website and check out this one page information sheet.

If you are interested in booking YT1 to come facilitate a Transition workshop please click here.

If you are a YT1 member interested in becoming a facilitator for Transition workshops, please fill in this contact form to allow us to add you to the ON TRAC Transition Workshop e-mail list.

We will be sure to contact you with more workshop details soon!

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